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The 90-10 Rule

  • 90 % of the energy used for a standard light bulb is converted to heat, not light.
  • 90 % of the energy used for LED Lights produces the light you see with just 10% lost to heat.
  • Lower heat also means less bugs. The bugs are actually drawn to the heat, not the light.


All of our products qualify for the rebates available from your electric company by switiching from your current fixtures and bulbs to our LED ones. Contact us to help you choose the best product to meet your lighting needs that will deliver the largest return. We’ll take care of the administrative work so you don’t have to. We can fill out the paperwork, apply on your behalf and have the check sent directly to you.

50,000 hours or more

Good-quality LED bulbs have a useful life of 50,000 hours or more — meaning 5.7 years if the light is operated for 24 hours in a day, 7.6 years if the lights are on 18 hours per day and 11.4 years for 12 hours a day. This is approximately 50 times longer than other types of incandescent bulbs and 25 times longer than most halogen lights.

5-Year Guarantee

All of our products are backed by a 5-year warranty. If a product fails due to manufacturer defect, all you have to do is file a claim and return the product, and we’ll provide a new one.


LEDs contain no mercury, and a recent Energy Department study stated that LEDs have a much smaller environmental impact than incandescent bulbs. Reduce your carbon footprint instantly by replacing your fluorescent fixtures and bulbs with LED ones.

UL Listed

UL has tested our lighting products and determined that they meet UL’s requirements. The UL mark appears only on end products and complete components suitable for factory and field installation. All of the products carrying the UL mark are covered by UL’s Follow-Up Services program to determine that products continue to be manufactured in compliance with UL’s safety requirements.

Kelvin Color Temperature

Our products come in a variety of color temperatures. Choose the one that is right for your purpose and need.

In-Stock Inventory

We have $10 million in available inventory warehoused in North Carolina that can be shipped in 3-5 days anywhere in the lower 48 United States. If you don’t see what you need, let us know. Our product catalog is updated monthly with new and enhanced products. If we don’t have it, we can either find it or have it made.

Patented Technology

Our LED sign light tubes are one-of-a-kind with patent-pending drivers. They are double-sided, rotatable, and come in lengths of eighteen inches to ten feet and can easily replace existing fluorescent tubes in signs.


Energy loan funds are available from various states and programs that provide low-cost financing for energy efficiency and renewable energy improvements to businesses with less than 500 employees, nonprofits, and public entities. Loans can range between $250,000 and $2 million, depending on the program. Let us help with the application process. We’ll take care of all the work from submission to dispursement.


Switching entirely to LED lights over the next two decades can save the U.S. the following:

Billion Dollars in Energy Costs


Electricity Consumption for Lighting

Million Metric Tons of Carbon Emissions



Signlights & Displays


Whether it’s an office, workshop, or warehouse, economical, efficient, and environmentally-friendly lighting is important to all members of the team. The proper LED solution will lower costs, reduce emissions, increase productivity, and improve safety. We can retrofit your existing fixtures to minimize waste and cost or redesign your work space with new, more efficient fixtures that improve the amount and quality of light.

More that any other place, your home deserves the best lighting. Add vibrancy, while still providing warmth and comfort, to your indoor and outdoor areas with an eco lighting solution customized for your family’s needs and lifestyle. If you are considering improving or adding to the lighting in your home, contact us to arrange an in-home consultation to learn more about the financial, quality, and health benefits available from an LED home makover.

Our innovative LED tube lights and connectors will turn your sign into a beacon that draws customers in and bids them farewell with superior performance and consistency. Replace your existing tube lights with our patent-pending sign tubes or have us redesign the light setup inside your signs. The exceptional energy efficiency and service life will yield substantial savings in electricity and maintenance when compared to traditional sign lights.

While we will ship your order and provide documentation for you to do the installation yourself or work with your maintenance crew or preferred contractors, no one knows our products better than our expert team of lighting installation professionals. We are committed to not only doing the job right, but in the way that minimizes disruption to your business, even if that means working nights and weekends. The job ends only when you are completely satisfied.

If we are only as good as our next bright idea, research about better quality lighting in your home or office certainly supports this claim. Researchers at Michigan State University found that poorer quality and quantity of light lead to a range of health issues from focus and attention span, to learning and memory problems, to more emotional issues such as depression and sleep issues and overall lower scores on health and wellness. Your best and your brightest physically, mentally, and emotionally need better and brighter lighting to maximize their productivity, safety, and health.

Dr. Brendan Bauer

Neurologist, Advanced Neurological Associates



Every project begins with a free site analysis by one of our sales professionals. They’ll meet you at your location, count the lighting fixtures and lamps you want replaced, measure and take pictures of the space to be lit, and record other pertinent information about the requirements of the occupants and usage of the space. 


Once we have all your data, your sales professional collaborates with our technical and installation teams to create a customized solution to meet your unique lighting needs and reduce your energy consumption and emissions footprint, including the calculated incentives and rebates available from your energy company.


Your quote will include not only include a detailed specification of the fixtures we are recommending and the installation cost and timing, which includes the removal and disposal of any old or unneeded materials, but also the opportunity to see a demonstration of the products. We want you to be able to see and touch what you are buying and also have all your questions answered about your prososal.


We believe our installation teams should be not seen and never heard but their work immediately felt. They will come in at night, on weekends, during whatever off-work hours that minimize the operation to your business. The only trace that they were ever even there is a better lit environment fostering increased safety and productivity. But our job does not stop there. If you have any questions or issues with any of the work performed, we are always just a phone call or email away.




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