15W LED 5″ or 6″ Dimmable Disk Downlight

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5/6-inch Dimmable LED Disk Light, 1200 Lumens 15W 5000K

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5 or 6 Inch – Dimmable LED Disk Downlights – 1200 Lumens -15 Watt – 55W Equal – 3000K , 4000K & 5000 Kelvin – Disk Design – 5 Year Warranty

An Energy Star and ETL certified product, this 5-6 inch dimmable LED Disk Downlights are great alternatives to dimmable LED downlights when your ulterior motive is to have a round surface mount light with a sleek design so as to fit in a limited plenum space. These kinds of LED disk downlights are low-profile downlights yet they impart certain sophistication to the ceilings.

Available in color temperatures of 3000K, 4000K, and 5000K, this LED disk downlight is popular in residential or commercial applications mainly because of its ultra-wide beam angle used to illuminate low ceilings. With amazingly high CRI (90+), this LED disc downlight can be great for display lighting when all you want is your objects should look accurate, natural, and real in presence of artificial lighting. These LED disc downlights are built to last longer than the conventional halogen or incandescent lights and have a much lesser lumen depreciation than those lights.

The 15W of LED disc downlight can easily replace 120W of conventional lights, thus bringing forth a significant amount of energy-saving, equivalent to 55W. Being dimmable, these downlights allow you to save a little more energy. These 5/6 inch recessed ceiling light fixtures can be fixed both in 5 inches and 6 inches of ceiling space respectively.

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