LED Linear High Bay


This strip mining lamp adopts modular design and can be combined flexibly to provide selection of different power including: 2FEET two-modular 60W, three-module 100W, four-module 120W, five-module 150W, six-module 180W; 4FEET two-modular 100W, three-module 150W, fourmodule 200W, five-module 250W, six-module 300W; with modular design, the heat dissipation is increased by above 30%. The optical-electric separation design decreases the temperature of lamp and driving significantly to extend the service life of the lamp to 60000 hours. With 140LM/W lighting effect, energy saving is above 70%. The common style can be equipped with external emergency power supply so that it can work for 1.5 hours with 10%-15% power at the time of power cutoff.

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  • Flexible combination of 2-6 modules is applicable to all type of application site.
  • Selection of suspended installation and pole installation;
  • Milky white, transparent, dull polished lampshade and 40*90/70*90°lens are available for selection;
  • 5-year warranty;
  • Use environment temperature: - 20℃- 45℃; the use environment temperature of emergency style: 10-45℃;
  • Anti-corrosion grade: no protection.

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CLS LED Linear High Bay